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08 Oct 2015

Day 7 of Mental Health Week 2015: 7 Positive Practices- Strengths

Posted by Elsa Samuel

MHW DAY 7This is the final positive practice that we are showcasing this Mental Health Week 2015.


When we use our strengths, we enjoy what we are doing, do it better, and feel we are working toward our potential. A strength is “a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energising to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance.” In other words, our strengths allow us to be our best self. Research shows that when people use their strengths they feel happier and more confident, are less stressed, more resilient, and more engaged in their self-development. When combining our strengths with others and assisting them to use theirs, we build stronger and more co-operative relationships, enabling greater collaboration and teamwork. Many people don’t know their strengths and are not sure how to leverage them.

Here are some great tips to get to know your strengths or spot them in others:

  • Energy: What activities give you an energetic buzz?
  • Authenticity: When do you feel most like the “real you”?
  • Ease: What activities come naturally to you? What do you excel at, sometimes without even trying?
  • Attention: Where do you focus? These activities may play to your strengths.
  • Rapid learning: What have you picked up quickly, almost effortlessly?
  • Motivation: What activities do you do simply for the love of doing them?
  • Voice: A shift in passion, energy and engagement probably means you’re talking about a strength.
  • Words and phrases: When you’re saying “I love to…” or “It’s just great when…,” a strength is likely involved.
  • ‘To do’ lists: Things that never make it to your ‘to do’ list are often those you never need to be asked twice to do.
  • If you would like to learn more about your character strengths, and complete the simple, free quiz at: survey/account/register

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